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SquareDAQ is a virtual stock market trading game based around the professional wrestling industry where the commodities being traded are the athletes and performers.

When you create a new account you are given 100,000 virtual dollars to build your own portfolio and fill it with your favourite performers, underutilized talents and future prospects. Prices will fluctuate throughout the day based on supply and demand as players trade stocks.

Welcome to the first SquareDAQ prototype. Please excuse the basic page design while we focus on game functionality. Sorry the site is not very mobile friendly right now for the same reason.

Please feel free to sign up, play and give some feedback about the game play and send in your ideas to make things better.

Disclaimer: The game is still under heavy development. You are welcome to sign up, participate and send feedback as the more people we have influencing the markets the better. You can find more information about the game over on the rules page.

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